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Sophie Xeon

DJ and producer SOPHIE has died, aged 34 – the music world pays tribute

Sophie Xeon better referred to mononymously as Sophie Death (stylised in all covers), was a Scottish performer, record maker, vocalist, lyricist, and DJ. Sophie was known for her combined and “hyperkinetic”take on popular music, and came to unmistakable quality with singles, for example, “Bipp” (2013) and “Lemonade” (2014).

Sophie Death

Her aggregation Product was delivered in 2015, and the presentation collection Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides continued in 2018. The last acquired her an assignment for the Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

Sophie worked intimately with craftsmen from the PC Music mark, including A.G. Cook and GFOTY, and created for acts, for example, Madonna, Charli XCX, Vince Staples, Let’s Eat Grandma, Kim Petras, Flume, Namie Amuro and Itzy

Sophie, the Grammy-named Scottish artist whose focused energy electronic creations pushed the limits of 21st-century pop, has kicked the bucket matured 34.


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Sophie Death

Sophie (musician) - Wikipedia

Sophie’s administration affirmed to the Guardian that the craftsman passed on around 4am at home in Athens, “following an unexpected mishap. Right now regard and protection for the family is our need.

We would likewise request regard for her fanbase, and to treat the private idea of this news with affectability.”

The assertion said the maker was “a pioneer of another sound, perhaps the most persuasive craftsmen in the most recent decade.Sophie Death

For keen creation and inventiveness as well as for the message and perceivability that was accomplished. A symbol of freedom.”

Sophie’s UK mark Transgressive added: “Consistent with her otherworldliness she had moved up to watch the full moon and incidentally slipped and fell.

She will consistently be here with us.”

SOPHIE: A Beginner's Guide to a Hyperpop Mystery

Sophie Xeon was brought up in Glasgow, and delivered debut single Nothing More to Say in 2013. Sophie got through to a more extensive crowd with another delivery that year, Bipp, and a resulting run of acclaimed singles were gathered in 2015 on Product.

2018 saw the arrival of presentation collection Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, which was assigned for a Grammy for best dance/electronic collection and was one of the year’s best-looked into discharges in any type.

The Guardian expressed: “Sophie has made a truly unique sound and uses it to visit boundaries of fear, bitterness and delight.”Sophie Death

The newness of the creations, educated by pop and daze however with grating mechanical twists, driven Sophie to be sought by Madonna, and co-thought of her 2015 single Bitch I’m Madonna.

Sophie additionally worked together with rapper Vince Staples, outside the box team Let’s Eat Grandma, pop vocalists Charli XCX and Kim Petras, and that’s just the beginning.

Sophie was transsexual, and talked about sex personality in a 2018 meeting with Paper magazine, saying: “Transness is taking control to align your body more with your spirit and soul so the two aren’t battling against one another and attempting to endure …

SOPHIE Has Died | Pitchfork

It implies you’re not a mother or a dad – you’re a person who’s taking a gander at the world and feeling the world.” Sophie’s group said that pronouns ought not be utilized while depicting the craftsman.

Among those offering recognition was Christine and the Queens, who said Sophie was “a heavenly maker, a visionary, a reference.Sophie Death

She opposed the tight, standardizing society by being an outright victory, both as a craftsman and as a lady. I can’t accept she is no more. We need to respect and regard her memory and inheritance. Treasure the pioneers.”

Model and dissident Munroe Bergdorf said she was “shattered”, adding: “Our people group has lost a symbol, a pioneer and a visionary brilliant light.”



NYU Stern - Sophie Rifkin - Adjunct Professor of Business and Society

Sophie, a Scot, was conceived Samuel Long, and experienced childhood in Glasgow, Scotland. Starting at a youthful age, her dad would play tapes of electronic music in the vehicle and take her to raves, and she immediately got enchanted with the music.

In a meeting distributed by Lenny Letter, she portrayed her youth, “I invested all my energy tuning in to those tape tapes. I’d take them from the vehicle.” After accepting a console as a birthday present, she at that point started to make her own music.Sophie Death

When she was roughly nine or ten years of age, she admitted to her folks that she needed to exit school to be an electronic music maker (in spite of the fact that they didn’t allow her to do as such and she proceeded with her tutoring).

She kept on making music all through her puberty, even routinely reporting, “I’m simply going to secure myself my room until I’ve made a collection.”

When Sophie was as yet a kid, she began to DJ weddings and birthday celebrations. Her relative requested that Sophie DJ her wedding, as Sophie conceded that her stepsister “didn’t have a clue what I was doing in my room all alone” and had accepted she was a DJ.

This was the point at which she began figuring out how to DJ notwithstanding creation.Sophie Death

Sound and image

Sophie essentially utilized the Elektron Monomachine and Ableton Live to make music. Rather than inspecting, instrumentals are worked from waveforms. Comparing the development of a track to building a model out of various materials,

Sophie Waskow Rifkin (@sdwrifkin) | Twitter

Sophie utilized the Monomachine to make sounds taking after “latex, inflatables, bubbles, metal, plastic, [and] elastic.”AllMusic composed that Sophie’s “complex, hyperkinetic creations” include a “surrealist, conspicuously fake quality”, ordinarily utilizing sharp female vocals notwithstanding “sweet synthesizer surfaces, and beats drawing from underground dance music styles.”

The New York Times portrayed Sophie’s work as “thrilled fun, yet additionally a challenge to think about pop’s delights, designs and sex assumptions, and pop’s business status as both a purchaser thing and an enthusiastic impetus.”Sophie Death

The Fader compared it to “K-Pop, J-Pop, Eurodance at its generally confused, and even turn of the thousand years American/UK boybandisms.” When Billboard asked Sophie what type her music falls under, she answered “publicizing”.

Sophie’s initial visuals came from a progression of bright pictures she alludes to as “Hand crafted Molecular Cooking”.

Sophie Xeon dead at 34: Musician and trans icon dies after 'sudden accident' - Mirror Online

Her singles’ cover craftsmanship regularly portrayed articles produced using plastic or other mechanical materials, a thought that began from conversations with John Roberts, an individual electronic artist.

At the POPcube occasion, Sophie uncovered banners and postcards laying out the items to be offered through her online store, which incorporated a bunch of wedge heels, a puffa coat, and extraordinary shades.

Albeit these items were offered available to be purchased when the collection was delivered, they were quickly sold out aside from a “body safe silicone item” packaged with a unique version collection, raising doubts that these assistant items were rarely genuine.Sophie Death

Personal life

Sophie was portrayed as an antisocial figure, and stayed unknown for quite a while, hiding her personality in meetings by veiling her voice or covering portions of herself. Right off the bat in her profession, her genuine personality was the subject of press theory.

Before the disclosure that she was a trans lady, a few reporters blamed Sophie for “ladylike appointment”, on the supposition that she was a man utilizing a female stage name.

In a 2013 Pitchfork email meet, when gotten some information about her decision of ‘Sophie’ as a phase name, she reacted “It tastes great and it resembles lotion.”

At one Boiler Room show, drag entertainer Ben Woozy was enrolled to emulate a DJ set while Sophie claimed to be a guardian.Sophie Death

Sophie Death


Sophie passed on at 4 a.m. on 30 January 2021 at her home in Athens, Greece following a mishap. As per her U.K. name, Transgressive, the craftsman slipped and fell when moving to watch the full moon.

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