Detailed Patanjali Amla Juice Review (2021) – Is it Worth?

indian gooseberry
Amla Plant

Hello guys, I am sure you have heard about amla, it is a plant, and its scientific name is Phyllanthus Emblica, also called INDIAN GOOSEBERRY it has enormous health benefits, so we have done a Detailed Patanjali Amla Juice Review so that you can understand its potential, you have also heard about Patanjali brand, it is well known ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company in India.

In the current scenario of this pandemic, IMMUNITY becomes an important aspect of concern. Due to our daily routine life, we cannot focus on this issue properly.

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Ayurveda has a wide variety of medicines with ZERO SIDE EFFECTS because all are made from natural products. Amla is one of them; in this busy life planting an amla tree can be a hepatic situation, so to consume amla easily, companies like Patanjali made Amla juice.

Points to look at when you buy an amla juice

If you are consuming amla in the raw form, then it is excellent, but if you can’t, then amla juice is a handy option for you; how to chose an amla juice? What parameter should we check? Here is the list.

  • First and the most important thing to check which and how much PRESERVATIVE is used?
  • The second important thing is to check the directions to use.
  • The third is to know whether there are any side effects of this.

Patanjali amla juice ingredients

  • Amla swaras (Emblica Officinalis, Phyllanthus Emblica) also known as Indian gooseberry juice 5ml
  • Sodium benzoate (Preservative).

Health Benefits of amla juice– When patanjali amla juice can be use?

Patanjali Amla Juice Review
Patanjali amla juice
  • It helps boost the body’s immunity by increasing white blood cells (WBC), preventing you from getting infections.
  • It can cure liver and gastric problems, which can give you better digestion.
  • Amla juice can aid you in fighting your unwanted fat. (Already thin? Want to gain weight? try  Best Patanjali Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Gain)
  • Patanjali amla juice can be used as a natural blood purifier that removes toxins from your body.
  • Patanjali amla juice can control diabetes in check.
  • It helps improve eyesight.
  • By consuming Patanjali amla juice regularly, it makes bones stronger.

Dosage of patanjali amla juice

According to the official Patanjali website, Take 20 ml Amla Juice with the same amount of water. It differs from person to person; consult a doctor before using it.

Are there any side of effects of Patanjali amla juice?

Apart from the benefits of this amla juice, there are specific side effects are reported which are–

  • As Amla juice is acidic, it can cause hyperacidity if consumed empty stomach. ( Don’t drink it with an empty stomach)
  • Patanjali amla juice is cold, so taking it in winter may cause cold or flu.


Is it safe to drink Patanjali amla juice daily? Is Patanjali amla juice banned?

First things first we have a regulatory body for food item inspection called FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) which lay standards for the food item in India, so Patanjali has said that their amla juice is up to the mark and also tested by Central Food Laboratory in Kolkata; however, some consumers and some experts have said that the preservative used in this amla juice is not safe to consume.

Then what to do? Should we take Patanjali amla juice?

I suggest you consult a doctor if you are using it for a pregnant lady, lactating mother, and old citizens; otherwise, it is relatively safe to drink.From many sites, most of the consumers are satisfied with this Patanjali amla juice.

Can we have Alternatives of patanjali amla Juice ?

Yes, we do have alternatives which you can try out which are

  • Sharrets Amla Juice
  • Biogreen Healthcare
  • Raw Pressery
  • Brimune Amla Juice
  • Vitro Amla Juice
  • Farm Naturelle Amla Juice
  • Nutriorg Natural Amla Juice
  • Nivee Amla Juice

From where you can buy patanjali amla juice ?

You can buy either from local medical stores because it is readily available or online from its official site.

Conlusion of patanjali amla juice review

If you want to use Patanjali amla juice, usually for your immunity, then go for it; it best indigenous and affordable amla juice, but if you’re going to use it as medicine, then you should consult a doctor.

So do you like this detailed Patanjali amla juice review? Feel free to share and comment and also stay connected for great content; thank you.

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Disclaimer– Above mentioned Patanjali amla juice is well tested for side effects but do consult with a doctor before using it; all the above information is given based on internet sources, hindistoriesforkids. in takes no responsibility regarding the info provided and any side effects happen in the case.

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