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Meditation Kaise Kare

How to doMeditation Kaise Kare To know the post of 2021, you must read on the website Hindi. Simple way in this post Meditation Kaise Kare in Hindi Has been told about

How to do meditation How To Do Meditation In Hindi

As you know, many people in the world think about doing meditation in their own way. Let’s know Meditation Se Kya Hota Hai And what kind of benefit will come from meditation.

(1.) Choice of quiet place

For meditation, it is important to have a quiet place where there is no problem of any kind. If you want to meditate for the first time, then choose a secluded place where there is no voice. Such as – house, garden, park etc.

(2.) Set the time.

What Is Meditation?

Time will have to be fixed for meditation. Such people have their own opinion according to which people can do it at any time, but you will get special benefit by scheduling time. The right time to do “Meditation” can be done in the morning or at night before sleeping.

Meditation Kaise Kare

(3.) Wear light and loose clothes

Light and loose clothing should be worn to meditate. Never wear a meditator while wearing jeans or tight pajamas.

(4.) Choose a seating area.

In such a way, people do meditation anywhere, but the place of sitting should be on the ground. Avoid doing it on the bed or any furniture. By doing Meditation on the ground, your contact remains with the ground. According to the requirement, one can put clothes on the ground.

(5.) Method of sitting

When you want to do meditation at some place, the method of sitting is very important. While doing meditation, you should sit in such a way that you can sit for long time.

(6.) Correct posture to meditate



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Top 6 Benefits of Meditation: Natural Body Spa & Shop: Day Spa

when you Meditation tax If you are, know how to sit. Sage has to bend like both sages by turning both legs. The waist always has to be straight. Put the right hand in the left palm and place it in the dock. It is also done so that after extracting energy with one hand, it can enter the palm and spread to the whole body.Meditation Kaise Kare

(7.) Relax the body.

If you have sat in the right place, then focus your attention on the breath. Now you have to breathe slowly. You have to increase the speed of breath as per requirement, this will make your body feel relaxed.

(8.) Do not meditate here and there.

This post describes how to do meditation. When you sit down to perform this action, your attention will wander around. You have to decide that you only have to do meditation. After which you will try to control your meditation and mind.Meditation Kaise Kare

(9.) Focus on the eyes.

When you are meditating, you can play the tune of “Shanti” in a light voice.

If you want to meditate without music, then focus your attention between the two eyes. At this time you will not see anything except dark space. Along with this, you have to breathe deeply and leave.Meditation Kaise Kare

(10.) It is necessary to smile.

In the end, every pain, except worry is to open the eyes with a sweet smile. This will show all the joy of smile in every part of your body.


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Benefit from meditation

Meditation has many benefits, but by doing it everyday, positive thoughts start coming in the life of negative people. But it depends on their living and company.

Many young people are worried about education and money. This concern is not reduced by any disease. To overcome this, mind freshness has to be done. Meditation is very beneficial for problems like irritability, restlessness.

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